BRCarbon takes care of the carbon project management at Pratigi Reforestation

BRCarbon (BRC) and the Bahia Southern Lowlands Land Conservation Organization (OCT) signed a partnership within the Pratigi Grouped Reforestation Project. BRCarbon is responsible for managing the carbon project, validated in the voluntary standards VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and CCB (Climate, Community and Biodiversity).

According to BRCarbon’s Technical Director, Bruno Matta, the Pratigi project is a pioneer in the Atlantic Forest Biome. It is the only existing one that presents this level of maturity – started and validated in 2011, and with a verification already carried out in 2016. In addition to this pioneering spirit, the project site is in the Central Corridor of the Atlantic Forest. A region of rare endemism and high biodiversity, considered a hotspot for conservation.

In addition to the additional benefits to biodiversity, the project has a strong social component. According to Matta, it works directly with small landowners and family farmers. It also has a bias towards technology transfer, technical assistance and rural extension to communities in the Pratigi Environmental Protection Area (APA).

For the Executive Director of OCT, Joaquim Cardoso, BRCarbon’s expertise is an important step towards the consolidation of the carbon project. “We have observed, valued and recognized the sum of knowledge, experiences and institutional actions that are premised on optimizing impactful results. Possible only through qualified and idealistic partnerships”.

A 100% Brazilian Climate Tech, BRCarbon intends to leverage OCT’s initiative through financial flows from the carbon market to promote natural climate solutions. Project management involves the adoption of innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies to accelerate, multiply and consolidate the Pratigi Grouped Reforestation Project.

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