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FloresCast #29 - How the carbon market works

Bruno Matta and Diego Serrano discuss the steps that Brazil should take to be at an advantage of its potential to convert its emissions into monetary resources and lead the decarbonization and reduction of the planet's heat.

Who are the unicorn candidates, from the Amazon

BRCarbon was one of the six startups selected to compose the portfolio of AMAZ, an impact business accelerator in the Amazon. Those chosen will receive BRL 200,000 and support on several fronts, such as mentoring and networking.

BRCarbon aims to gain scale and accuracy in carbon projects with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art drone

BRCarbon innovates in the application of LiDAR and drones in forest inventories for forest carbon projects in the voluntary market, and becomes a pioneer.

Six startups are selected in the first cycle of the Soja Sustentável no Cerrado program

BRCarbon and five other startups were selected to be part of the 1st cycle of Soja Sustentável no Cerrado (Sustainable Soy in the Cerrado), a program that aims to foster entrepreneurship and innovation for the production of deforestation-free soy.

2022 will be the year of impact business in the Amazon

2022 brings growing potential to support businesses that see value in standing forests and sustainable development in the Amazon. In this context, the AMAZ accelerator selected six startups with proposals of positive socio-environmental impact for acceleration and investment, among them, BRCarbon.

Startup accelerator AMAZ selects six impact businesses

AMAZ Aceleradora de Impacto concluded its selection of the businesses that will become part of its portfolio in 2022. The six selected startups, among them, BRCarbon, are businesses that present innovative solutions for the development of products and services in strategic value chains for the conservation of the Amazon.

Carbon Market and the Brazilian Opportunity for Protagonism

David Escaquete, Commercial Director of BRCarbon, explains that the value of each carbon credit traded in the voluntary market is based on the characteristics and purpose of the project to which this credit is linked.

Land Innovation Fund, Agtech Garage and Embrapii select startups for sustainable soy program

BRCarbon is among the six businesses selected for the initiative that seeks to map innovative solutions that generate a positive economic and socio-environmental impact on the soy supply chain in the Cerrado.

6 businesses that operate in the Amazon and will be accelerated in 2022

The so-called impact business are already a reality in the world's largest tropical forest region, and they coming to configure a new ecosystem that is part of the solution to keep the Amazon standing. An ecosystem that conserves the environment and generates work and income to communities

Meet six innovative businesses operating in the Amazon

If in 2021 the eyes of the world turned to the Amazon for its importance in climate issues, 2022 will be the year to shed light on the enormous potential of preserving the largest tropical forest on the planet also in business.

Technology and innovation are present in the Amazon

Innovation matches the largest forest in the world. Technology is being used to bring productivity, generate jobs, strengthen biomes and ecosystems, and build a chain that generates wealth and sustainability, simultaneously. A good example is brCarbon's.

Expedition in the Amazon promotes actions to benefit 450 families in Manicoré.

There will be many work fronts in these coming weeks, with actions that will help the local community to generate income in a sustainable way, improve the quality of life of the residents of these regions and, at the same time, promote the protection of the standing forest”, explains Heberton Barros, technical director at brCarbon.

How the carbon market works in Brazil and why you need to know it

Bruno Brazil and other professionals in the field of sustainability bring data and information related to the voluntary carbon market and comment on its possible regulation

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