Make a profit from the standing forest

Get financial compensation for forest conservation with REDD+ projects


Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation

These are projects that generate carbon credits from the 30-year conservation of an existing native forest. There are two types of REDD+ project:


A barrier to deforestation

Brazil was the country that lost the most primary forest cover in 2022, 43.1% of the total (WRI/GFR). A total of 1.8 million hectares were deforested (equivalent to 15 times the area of the city of Rio de Janeiro), resulting in the emission of 1.2 Gt of CO2.

Compared to 2021, it was a 15% increase. The most accelerated loss occurred in the Western Amazon, in the states of Amazonas and Acre, the new frontier of deforestation known as "AMACRO".

Almost 20% of the original area of the Amazon has already been deforested, and different studies indicate that the forest is close to reaching its point of no return, i.e. when it will no longer be able to recover and regenerate, starting a process of savannization of the tropical rainforest Among other impacts, this would change the rainfall regime in South America and could generate new areas of desertification in Brazil.

In this scenario, REDD+ projects are proving to be an important tool in the challenge of bringing illegal deforestation to zero and also reducing legal deforestation in areas exceeding the Legal Reserve.

48% of Brazil's annual emissions are generated by changes in land use and forests

(SEEG 2023)

Avoided emissions

60+ million

tCO2e* between 2021 and 2032

*Including REDD+ projects in progress, under development and organic growth.

Conservation areas


thousand ha*

*Ongoing REDD+ projects


Protecting forests and earning fair payments, helping to reduce carbon emissions

REDD+ AUD (Avoid Unplanned Deforestation)

Contributing to the preservation of the Amazon, generating financial compensation and conserving forests

REDD+ AUD (Avoid Unplanned Deforestation)

Fighting deforestation, protecting forests and promoting sustainable practices

REDD+ AUD (Avoid Unplanned Deforestation)

Working to reduce deforestation and degradation in the Amazon and attract investments
Legal Amazon

REDD+ APD (Avoid Planned Deforestation)

Over 15 years' experience in carbon projects

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