Reclaim conservation areas

Facilitate the reforestation of degraded areas and the environmental compliance of the property through ARR projects


Afforestation, Reforestation and Restoration

These are projects that generate carbon credits from the reforestation and restoration of areas that have been without forest for at least 10 years. This mechanism helps rural producers in the process of environmentally regularizing their property, as well as promoting new sources of income.

Depending on the conditions and characteristics of the area to be reclaimed, brCarbon uses a method or arrangement that best suits its needs:


Accelerated restoration

Brazil has a gigantic environmental challenge, as big and important as halting illegal deforestation.

72.9 million ha

deforested in the Amazon, 17% of the biome


69 million ha

of pastures with moderate or severe degradation


12 million ha

is the official target for reclaiming native vegetation by 2030

(NDC Brasil – PLANAVEG/2017)

R$ 228 billion

Estimated reclamation cost

(Instituto Escolhas/2023)

The scalability of a carbon project and the credits it generates are key factors in making it viable and expediting the reclamation of degraded areas and the environmental compliance of rural properties.

Removed emissions

1.5+ million

tCO2e* in a 35-year project

*Including ARR projects in progress, under development and organic growth.

Reforestation completed



*Ongoing ARR projects


Promoting reforestation and environmental compliance to revitalize the ecosystem
Cerrado Biome
Ícone ARR

ARR (Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation)

Boosting the reforestation of damaged areas, improving environmental health and biodiversity
Ícone ARR

ARR (Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation)

Over 15 years' experience in carbon projects

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