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brCarbon is a carbon project developer that takes responsibility for all the stages, namely: from the feasibility analysis of areas to the sale of credits, including the definition and application of techniques and monitoring. This provides brCarbon with total control over the operation and lends credibility to the credits generated.

The integrity of the credits is also achieved through high-tech carbon measurement and management processes and geographic intelligence in the verification and monitoring of areas.

High technology and management processes to generate sound credits

Due diligence and CLPI

Security and transparency

Rigorous due diligence processes on property deeds, carbon stocks and land clearing licenses, as well as consultations and engagement with local stakeholders associated with a strict Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) protocol, provide for project security and the generation of sound credits.
An ERP system aims to make project management traceable and auditable, providing not only process control, but also transparency, legitimacy and ethics.


Agility and accuracy

Using a drone equipped with a LiDAR sensor streamlines the forest measurement process, thus allowing a much larger area to be covered in less time. LiDAR technology provides greater accuracy for measuring, reporting and verifying forest carbon stocks, thus providing greater credibility and transparency to the process.

Monitoring technologies


Through digital monitoring platforms, based on images from different satellites, and an automated alert system, we quickly monitor and identify outbreaks of deforestation, degradation and forest fires in the project areas.


Gains in scale

One of the innovative strategies of brCarbon is the development of grouped projects, which adds scale and agility to the operations. In a grouped project, new areas can be inserted quickly into the program proposal, thus facilitating expansion.

brCarbon is responsible for the first grouped REDD+ project in Brazil and the first grouped project in the Atlantic Forest.


Promoting reforestation and environmental compliance to revitalize the ecosystem
Cerrado Biome

ARR (Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation)

Boosting the reforestation of damaged areas, improving environmental health and biodiversity

ARR (Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation)

Protecting forests and earning fair payments, helping to reduce carbon emissions

REDD+ AUD (Avoid Unplanned Deforestation)

Contributing to the preservation of the Amazon, generating financial compensation and conserving forests

REDD+ AUD (Avoid Unplanned Deforestation)

Fighting deforestation, protecting forests and promoting sustainable practices

REDD+ AUD (Avoid Unplanned Deforestation)

Working to reduce deforestation and degradation in the Amazon and attract investments
Legal Amazon

REDD+ APD (Avoid Planned Deforestation)


Project development

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