Program for

Reducing GHG Emissions from Forest Fire -PREIF

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction Program from Forest Fires (PREIF) consists of a unique initiative for monitoring, preventing and fighting forest fires to reduce the emission of Greenhouse Gases. Through it, you will be able to be part of an innovative climate change mitigation strategy and access financial resources from the carbon market to reduce forest fires in different Brazilian Biomes.

PREIF will work by generating carbon credits for the reduction of forest fires, through the use of an exclusive methodology, which takes into account the biomass stocks existing in the area, the severity and recurrence of forest fires in a time series to quantify the reduction of GHG emissions caused by the implementation of the program.

Upon entering the PREIF, private land owners and Conservation Unit managers will be part of an exclusive network that will include monitoring actions for forest cover and fire scars through satellite images, biomass inventory using drones, implementation of surveillance towers with on-board cutting-edge technology for the early detection of fires, training and paramentation of fire brigades, heritage surveillance, biodiversity monitoring and social engagement actions with the surrounding communities.

Your organization can also participate in PREIF as a sponsor or investor, thus being recognized as a supporter of the program and causing a positive climate impact.

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