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Benefit from reducing emissions and retaining carbon through ALM projects


Agricultural Land Management

These are projects that generate carbon credits from the adoption of good practices in agriculture and livestock farming, such as pasture and crop management, integrated crop-livestock-forestry (ILPF) and the use of bio-inputs and food additives.

It’s an opportunity to make the transition to a regenerative system, with technical support from brCarbon, in which rural producers will benefit from increased productivity, lower production costs, improved animal welfare and a more profitable and resilient business.

27% of Brazil's annual emissions are generated by agricultural activities

(SEEG 2023)


Reduced enteric fermentation

In livestock farming, in addition to good pasture management practices, brCarbon works to reduce methane emissions from the enteric fermentation of ruminants.

This project consists in providing an additive to be ingested by the animal in confinement, which causes it to emit less methane in the rumination process, thus generating carbon credits from the reduction in emissions.

64.6% of direct emissions from the Brazilian livestock sector come from enteric fermentation

(SEEG 2023)

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