Carbon Neutralization Program - PNCA

The Agribusiness Carbon Neutralization Program is an innovative initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture and livestock through the adoption of good land use practices, such as pasture and crop management, crop-livestock- forest and use of bioinputs, in addition to the use of food additives to reduce the impact of ruminal fermentation and recovery of degraded pastures.

Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock is part of the solution to climate change and environmental degradation. We offer opportunity and technical support for the transition to regenerative agriculture in which the producer will increase productivity, decrease the cost of production, increase animal welfare and have a more profitable and resilient business.


Good land use practices

  • Management of crops and pastures;
  • Rotated grazing;
  • Increased diversity of grasses in the pasture;
  • Crop rotation;
  • Soil cover;
  • Reduction of soil disturbance;
  • Crop-livestock-forest integration;
  • Crop-livestock integration;
  • Use of bioinputs etc.

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Reduction of enteric methane emission

In addition to pasture management, brCarbon’s strategy consists of providing an additive to be ingested by the animal, which causes it to emit less methane in the rumination process.

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