Forest restoration initiatives - PAR

The Restoration Acceleration Program (PAR) has a differentiated approach that seeks to support native vegetation restoration initiatives (ARR projects) through economic and financial incentive mechanisms, especially those from the voluntary carbon market.

The program allows a gain in scale of initiatives by grouping projects, as it simplifies the processes necessary for carbon certification, relieving the project proponent, eliminating costs and minimizing the respective risks. The financial incentive is carried out per hectare depending on the accumulation of biomass and, respectively, the increase in carbon stocks and aims to expand the planted area and the positive climate impacts of the actions.

By joining PAR, you will be part of an exclusive network that operates driven by payment mechanisms for environmental services. Through it, you will be able to access financial resources from the carbon market, without taking risks and in an easy way, with the support of a team of qualified professionals, with more than 10 years of experience working in the sector.

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